About the author.

Asad Hashim spent four years pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering from a top US university, and, on graduating, did the only possible sane thing and moved back to Pakistan to become a journalist. He has been the Features Editor at The Friday Times, a copy editor/reporter at Geo News and a reporter/editor with Dawn.

Until recently, he split his time between growing increasingly anxious about politics in Pakistan and the state of rock ‘n roll, and pursuing an MA in the Anthropology of Media at the School of Oriental and African Studies, in London.

These days, he works as a journalist assigned to the Web Desk at Al Jazeera English, a 24hr news television network that has been alleged to be: 1. An al-Qaeda mouthpiece; 2. An Israeli Zionist conspiracy; 3. A Hamas mouthpiece; and finally, 4. A tool for Qatari foreign policy.

He believes that if it can be all of these things simultaneously, it deserves to get away with it.

He also enjoys writing about himself in third-person.



Pictured: The author.

The views expressed on this blog are personal, and do not reflect
the views of either Al Jazeera or any of my other previous
employers. They should be treated as such.


6 responses to “About the author.

  1. Hi Asad,

    I am wondering if this opinion piece in Dawn was yours?

    If it was, can you point me to the Journal of Conflict Resolution article you mention in your article? I just went through the archives for 2009 and could not locate the reference article.


  2. Hassan

    Hello Asad
    read your column in dawn today Freedom in a box. Thanks for caring to write on this. relieved to see there are atleast few sane people still in Pakistan. Also thanks for coming back to Pakistan and being with us.
    Much love

  3. hey man … cool blog ..esp loved ur latest article on aljazeera ..
    just on request, why dont u add Subscription link on your blog, so we can subscribe to recieve email for every update ….thanks

    • asadhashim

      Thanks! Have just done so. The email subscription button should appear on the sidebar on the blog home page.

  4. Nabirkak

    I think you are looking for views of Kashmiris on Kashmir for your story. Please drop me your mail ID. I could not find any better way to contact you.

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